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Statement of J. Marsden (OJ)

"One Saturday night of September 1997 myself, Ron West (EUFORG Chairman) and a group of 11 other people were standing at the bottom of fire track 10.  I was facing in a west north westerly direction while the majority of the group were facing east, looking down fire track 10, with the runway lights behind them. 

At about 23:00 I noticed a very bright light/cluster of lights moving behind broken cloud cover at high altitude.  I remarked on this and all 13 of us could make out this self- illuminating object.  The object then moved away at great speed as a fast jet approached it, on what appeared to be an intercept course.

This happened 3 times, at about 10 minute intervals.  During the last sighting of the object it glowed an intense crimson before disappearing at great speed.

I asked one of the group to return to their car and draw what he had seen through his 12x50 binoculars while I returned to my car and drew what I had seen through my 10x50 binoculars.

Whilst walking through the forest, to the south of East Gate, there was a bright flash in the sky.  I assumed that there was a storm rolling in from the sea to the east.  My two-way radio then crackled into life and someone who had stayed back with the vehicles said "Did you see that?"
This was followed by a loud Boom.
"See what I replied"
There was another flash followed by another loud Boom.
"You'd better get back here asap" urged the voice at the cars.

When we arrived back at the fence line just before Folly Cottage the people at the cars were excitedly telling us of the events they had just witnessed, which matched what I had seen in the sky over Eyke several weeks before. 

They had seen a white streak of light go from ground level to cloud level followed by a yellow streak going from cloud level to ground level with a huge explosion of sparks.  This was followed a couple of seconds later by the loud Boom that we had all heard and felt while walking through the forest.

We contacted our local paper to ask if anyone could explain what we had witness on that night.  A reporter was sent out and the next day the story was published.

Two days later the headlines in the local paper were 'THE TRUTH WAS OUT THERE'

According to the paper the lights we had witnessed were 2 eleven year old boys with torches playing in Tangham campsite, the explosion of sparks was their barbeque and the loud Booming noises was there dog, which was tied to a deck chair, running into a tree.

NB. Tangham campsite was to our south and what we had witnessed was to the WNW.  Also on the same day as we made the front page there had been a huge fire at the port of Felixtsowe (the largest container port in Europe), which had led to the closing of several main roads in the Felixtsowe area due to the amount of smoke.

At a later meeting, at which several well know Ufologists were present, it was disclosed that pressure was applied on the local paper to ridicule the story."

Map of Area


Fire track 10/Folly Cottage
Area from where flashes and booms were viewed from
Tangham Campsite
East Gate
Capel Green field.   Location of Larry Warrens 1980 encounter
Direction Of Orford Ness Light House
Direction where Lights in the sky were first spotted.

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