Ken Kern

I'm the webmaster for the UnOfficial 81st SPS RAF Bentwaters / RAF Woodbridge Site.  I started the website in 2001 because although there were websites for the twin bases, I saw none specifically for the 81st Security Police Squadron.  The decision was simple.  Wait for someone else to create such a site, or since I had some skill in web editing "why not me"?

I was an enlisted man in the 81st SPS, having arrived for duty in September 1978.  My first assignment was with Bravo Flight Security at RAF Woodbridge.  With the closing of the RAF Woodbridge Weapons Storage Area, the SPs in Woodbridge were consolidated with our brethren at Bentwaters.  And, thus I ended my 3-year stint in England with Bravo Flight Security at RAF Bentwaters.

If you're like me, you probably look back at Bentwaters & Woodbridge with many fond memories.  I hope you enjoy this website & please remember to sign the Guest Book if you were a former member of the 81st SPS.
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