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As I write this, I am looking at two 3X5 inch index cards.. part of a larger group of index cards which comprised my diary while at RAFs Woodbridge & Bentwaters. Now read verbatim what I wrote back in June 1980 onto these two 3X5 cards.. clearly, a half a year before the now famous December 1980 incidents:

"15 June 80 - Interesting nite - it's our 2nd mid and Wagner & Campbell have A-2. They sighted a UFO at five different occasions that nite. Described as a red globe 20ft. in diameter. It hovered at times over aircraft pads/structures. Labrucherie also sighted the UFO; he had A-1. At one time they said the UFO glided over the trees to a meadow where it suddenly disappeared into a white flash (pooof!) and then nothing; except two deer which they say were not there previously. I believe this story to be authentic."

A-2 was the area security patrol & A-1 was the entry control post to the Alpha aircraft parking area at RAF Bentwaters. The word "mid" references our midnight shift.

Ken Kern -

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