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I recorded the following experience right after it happened on a 3X5 index card.  I still have it somewhere & as soon as I find it, I'll update this webpage with the exact date.

This happened during a midnight shift some months before the now famous Rendlesham UFO incidents near RAF Woodbridge.  I was assigned to Whiskey (2?) the mobile ART or area response team in the RAF Bentwaters WSA or the weapons storage area.  The WSA was where they stored the nuclear weapons.  I was with Rick Jenkins in a truck during a usual silent & eventless night.  The night's sky was black & starry.  All of a sudden from up high appeared a big green object that came down & crashed into the forest just outside the WSA double fenceline perimeter.  This all happened in a matter of a second.  The object made no noise - absolutley no noise even when it "crashed" n the woods.. nothing.  Anyway, I remained silent for seconds which seemed like an eternity & looking straight out the truck's windshield.  I finally asked Rick "if he saw what I just saw.." & he replied "was it big & green & came flying out of the sky?"

That was the first & last time Rick & I ever spoke of this.  It did not seem that anyone else saw this object that night.  We did not hear of it from anyone else.

Ken Kern -

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