81st  S e c u r i t y  P o l i c e   S q u a d r o n
H o n o r s
A w a r d s
A c c o m p l i s h m e n t s
The 81st SPS won the first Outstanding SPS Squadron in the Air Force.  I believe the competition was started in 1974 or 75 by the first Brigadier General Commander of the Security Police.  We were selected as the best SPS Squadron in the USAF and he came to Bentwaters/Woodbridge to present the trophy. I was the 81st SPS First Sgt from 1975 - 1978 under Maj (Wild Bill) Doran and the 81st TFW Senior Enlisted Advisor under Colonel Rudy Wacker for approx a year.
Larry E. Fowler, CMSgt/Ret

"..From 1978 to 1982, Malcolm was in Europe in command of the 81st Security Police Squadron (SPS) at RAF Bentwaters, the largest security police squadron in the USAF. Under his leadership, the 81st SPS passed all of their operational inspections, earning excellent on two, a seminal event that hadn't occurred for over 35 years."

Malcolm Zickler's security firm in Niceville, FL is called the Woodbridge Security Engineering Group. It's interesting that he apparently named his company after RAF Woodbridge. Presuming he may have had input into the contents of this article, it's also noteworthy that although RAF Bentwaters is mentioned no reference is given to RAF Woodbridge.

source:  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2003/11/prweb89889.htm  PRWeb - The Free Wire Service

The 81st Security Police Squadron won Best in USAFE for 1980 & also took the Large Security Police Squadron Award - a title they also took in 1975.
source - Bentwaters Forum Vol. 3, No. 57, February 20, 1981

81st SPS wins Best Large SP Unit in USAFE 1988.  Go to:
for the full story & a picture including squadron commander Lt Col Oliver Towns.

This photo was submitted for the 81st SPS to go for Best Large Security Police Squadron in USAFE
1980 - courtesy of Michael Simon

81st  T a c t i c a l  F i g h t e r   W i n g

Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 28 Mar 1959-30 Jun 1961; 1 Jul 1961- 30 Jun 1963; 1 Jun 1966-31 May 1968; 1 Jul 1968-30 Jun 1970; 1 Jul 1976- 30 Jun 1978; 1 Jul 1979-30 Jun 1981; 1 Jul 1981-30 Jun 1983; 1 Jun 1989-31 May 1991; 1 Jun 1991-30 Jun 1993
81st SPS Best Large Security Police Squadron in USAFE Photo