the UnOfficial 81st SPS Blog

the UnOfficial 81st SPS Blog

Remember the Woodhall Manor?

by Ken Kern on 07/27/10

The Woodhall Manor located near Bentwaters

housed former SPs till their accommodations were sorted.  Tammy Madge would like to hear stories from people who visited the hotel and night club.  You can contact her at [email protected] .         

Norway Memorial to British Heroes

by Ken Kern on 07/25/10

A memorial has been erected & presented to the 23rd Engineer Regiment (Air Assault) at Rock Barracks.. site of the former RAF Woodbridge:

Bob Peschka Recovering

by Ken Kern on 07/25/10

Robert Morton reports that Bob Peschka, 81st SPS-Sec/LE, 1969 - 73.. was hospitalized and now recovering.  For information contact Robert Morton at [email protected]

Woodbridge "B" Flight Reunion

by Ken Kern on 07/25/10

This will be the 2nd reunion for these guys.  Read about their 1st at & see their photos at .  The upcoming reunion will be in April, 2011.. in Las Vegas.  You know what they say about "What happens in Vegas.. stays in Vegas"???  For information, contact Terry Stanberry at [email protected] .

Delta Dogs Reunion

by Ken Kern on 07/25/10

Plans have been announced to muster a Las Vegas "D" Flight Reunion in May, 2011.  Contact Burt Hillbrandt for information at [email protected] .  

1st Blog & Hello

by Ken Kern on 07/24/10

Hi all.  This is Ken Kern, your webmaster for the UnOfficial 81st SPS RAF Bentwaters / Woodbridge Site.  I'm hoping that this blog replaces the current NewsLetter which really isn't working.  I have not had the discipline to make it a regular thing.  I offered it to others, but nothing really came of it.  So, here we are with the new UnOfficial 81st Blog!  From time to time, I am made of aware of news which I think folks would want to know.  And, I am hoping this is the venue for that sort of communication.  Anyway, mark this launch date for the blog as July 24, 2010..

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