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l to r: Steve Bustamante, ???, Dave Savage, Donald Templin, ???
 l to r: ???, (???) Isham, (???) Schmauss. From the Bentwaters brigade.
 l to r: Don Templin, Yours truly, P. J. Stewart.
Mike Heuring.
Scott Brothers on the courts outside of the barracks.
Jeff Cash, Ninja, and a sartorial faux pas.
Paul Simonson at Crystal Palace.
Tony Whitted and Rick Snodgrass at Crystal Palace.
(???) Paramalet. Armorer extraordinaire.
Outside of Crystal Palace.
Mike Heuring beatin up on Scott Brothers.
Darryl Williams and Dave Savage. I call this one Man Drops Spaghetti-O’s.
Woodbridge Barracks. 596 is kinda ringing a bell.
Mike Heuring drunk and getting messed with by Scott Brothers.
Alta Vanderlip (now Wood). A funny story about Alta and I - we were buds in the old Woodbridge days and then wound up stationed together at Vandenberg AFB in CA. Then a few years later I’m a civilian doing the college thing in upstate New York, getting a coffee at a vending machine at school and who walks by and says hi but Alta. Her hubby wound up a cop nearby and she was finishing up her bachelors.
Mike Heuring and Cammy Piper in the background. And among us who hasn’t done a little drunken bed diving?
Yours truly at bat. A drunken Mike and Cammy looking on.
Dave Savage mid jump. A triumphant Mike.
Cammy Piper.
Donald Templin and Becky Feuring.
Larry Smith.
(???) Kendrick and W. C. Smith.
Kirk Ryband.
Come on, your fridge looked like this too. Admit it.
 l to r: (???) Harris, ???, Drew (???).
(???) Swanson. A booming, thunderous voice that made Darth Vader sound like a wuss.
Dave Savage marries Jen (???).
(??? - Edison) Castro.
Lee Krauss and (???) Abboud.
Various and sundry.
Yours truly.
Brian Wickett.
I still think of food often.
Waiting to pounce. We never did.
Sean Behan. Many common friends from the old hometown.
Don Templin and Becky Feuring tie the knot.
 l to r: James Bond (AKA Darryl Williams), Tony Whitted, and Dave Furst.
Scott Brothers. The straw that broke the camels back for Scott’s relationship with the Air Force was getting busted on the first day of a BT and local cop stakeout, feeding nickels into a British payphone that mistook them for 20p coins.
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