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July 13, 1979

May 2, 1980

March 23, 1990
The  Bentwaters  Base  Newspaper . .   F O R U M

RAF Bentwaters & Woodbridge had a base newspaper called the FORUM.  At least it did during the late 70's & early 80's.  The newspaper may have been known by a different name during the 50's, 60's or the 90's - presuming there was a base periodical during those decades.  This webpage seeks to post as many existing twin base newspapers from all decades.

If you have any old copies of base newspapers, please contact the webmaster & arrange to have them scanned so they may be posted here for all to see & reminisce.

These scans are quite large in size.  Be prepared to wait a while for the download especially if you have a dial up connection.  Some copies are in good shape whereas others are of worse quality. 

USAFE top & USAFE bottom are the top & bottom halves of the cover page article that reads "81 SPS - the best in USAFE 1980".  Feb 20, 1980 edition contributed by Ken Kern

CMNDR top & CMNDR bottom are the top & bottom halves of the page - Colonel Gordon Williams praises the men & women of the 81st SPS. Feb 20, 1980 edition contributed by Ken Kern

Sports top & Sports bottom are the top & bottom halves to the sports page.. for those of you who are/were BW / WB sports fans!  Feb 20, 1980 edition contributed by Ken Kern

Back Page is the advertisement section of the FORUM - an ad for the different Keesler Federal Credit Unions at all the then RAF (USAF) bases.  Feb 20, 1980 edition contributed by Ken Kern

SNR NCO relates to the article about "D" Flight Security MSgt Robert Ball making Senior NCO of the Quarter.  Feb 1981 edition contributed by Tim Egercic

July 13, 1979 edition of the FORUM - consists of eight pages (most pages scanned as top & bottom images). Articles of Col. Thompson's A-10 accident, SP, Brig. General Wacker's Commander's Corner & other stories.  Contributed by Mark Chauvin

May 2, 1980 edition of the FORUM - various snippets from the Bentwaters Forum base newspaper.  Contributed by Ken Greene

March 23, 1990 edition of the FORUM - FORUM cover & article on 81SPS A1C mark Weger.  Contributed by Kristi Stluka (nee Kluck)