Ken Greene's Photo Album
Amn Neal Botoff, "D" Flt M148 Gunner 1977
Neal Botoff and Dave ?, "D" Flt BW Dorm 1977
Amn Botoff, Rondiack, and Saunders, "D" Flt outside CSC 1977
A10 outside new TAB V shelter.  BW 1980
"D" Flt Picnic at BW Picnic grounds 1980
View from SPCDS Tower BW WSA 1978
BW WSA Fighting Position 1979
Amn Pat Ciopa, "D" Flt BW 1980
BW F4 on Flightline, Aalborg, Denmark 1977
Elvis Costello concert, Ipswich opening act - Richard Hell & the voidoids
F4 Cockpit BW 1977
Amn Ken Greene "D" Flt Close In Sentry Extraordinaire!  BW Dorm 1977
Amn Ken Greene, WB Pararescue HH53 1980
Ticket to London Town!!!
Can I borrow a Quid?
Aftermath of SP party, Aalborg, Denmark 1977.  Belated apologies to house keeping staff.. sorry ladies!
Airman Basic pay SUCKS!!
Amn Ray Rondiack, "D" Flt, BW Dorm 1978
SRT Vehicle, WB Delta area, 1980
Amn Whiting and Yocum, Aalborg, Denmark, 1977
Amn Ron Whiting, "D" Flt, Aalborg, Denmark 1977
A10 at WB, 1980
Amn John Fraser & Norm Zimmerman, "D" Flt dorm band 1980
Amn Norm Zimmerman and Bennie Jacobs, "D" Flt dorm band 1980
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First stereo.  BW dorm 754. 1977
A10 at WB. 1980
Amn Covert, "D" Flt BW Dorm 1977
Amn Merkel, "D" Flt, caught playing hookey from base alert
The Ipswich icon. I will have a lager and lime.
Unknown SP. Aalborg, Denmark 1977
Amn Lloyd Webster, "D" Flt dorm band
AF Form 629