Ken Greene's ReUnion Photo Album
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Tony Invergo & Tim Egercic views barracks area
remains of barracks located adjacent to clinic
newer barrack being demolished
Don Laisure's son "DL" with former Burger King in background
former 81 SPS member Don Laisure makes a point!
Tim, Tony & his wife Laura view old barracks
Bentwaters museum display
Bentwaters museum display
Bentwaters museum display
SPs, family & friends admire museum artifacts
Don Laisure makes formal presentation to Mr. Kemball
view of TAB Vs from Control Tower
bldgs near old post office
SPs: Tim Egercic, Don Laisure, Ken Greene & Tony Invergo meet after 22 years!!
new use for WSA hot row bunker!
view of hot row from tower
view of WSA anti-helicopter poles
Tim with Jon Saunders walk down memory lane
view of QRA safe nest tower
inside SPCDS tower
Ivy Lodge gate
TAB V next to Phase Row
Inside Alt Control Tower
Inside Alt Control Tower
Aircraft Maintenance Facilities
Alt Control Tower
view of Main Tower from Alt Control Tower
phone/panel alarm in decon facility
main entrance to Bentwaters
the BX or Base Exchange
barracks 754 used by SPs in the 70s/80s
Ken Greene's old room
barracks 754 main entrance
inside Ken Greene's old room
1st floor hallway at 754
mural in day room at 754
Tony Invergo at barracks
debris at steps leading to 2nd floor at 754
Tim Egercic in his old barracks
door into SP barracks
pit located next to 754. is this Larry Warren's secret underground facility?
CSC sign
TAB V next to CSC
WSA - ECP package trap door. "Do you have any flame or spark producing items?"
WSA Gate control box
view of NMSA
QRA safe nest tower
munitions bldg in WSA
SPCDS tower from bottom of storage bunker
"DL" attempts to open storage bunker
hot row bunker near alarm monitor bldg
vehicle protection barriers in WSA
remains of sheep bones scattered throughout the WSA
view of tower from alarm monitor bldg
view from inside alarm monitor bldg
WSA bunker 647
WSA alarm monitor bldg
Memorial at Control Tower
Tim & Linn Barringer race us down the main Runway!
Tim & Linn win the Bentwaters 500!
tearing up the Bentwaters runway - QRA end
Bentwaters runway - QRA end
QRA from end of runway
inside SP armory
covered Guard Mount area
back of CSC bdlg
Armory clearing barrel area
weapons clearing barrel
weapons clearing barrel
SP items donated to museum
Mr. Kemball admires 81 SPS patch
Don Laisure chauffeurs us to Ipswich
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