Ken Kern's Photo Album
Janack the armorer
Ken Kern 1980 in aircraft parking area
Ken next to Canberra EB 57, 1980 W/B
Mark Benoit after Air Force
Terry Stanberry at Woodbridge dorm in 1978
I know this guy but what is his name!? & Larry Vanderhoof at pub
Otis Hughes & Bobby Waterson at B/W dorm
waiting for an aircraft?
WSA view from peacekeeper patrol vehicle
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military driver's license (a)
military driver's license (b)
a day in the mud! camp bullis, tx
angelica & abdul at the high life, ahlhorn
collin at alico garage, 17 spring rd, ipswich
ok - this was taken after the AF, some moments from my east berlin trip
remember this gothic architecture outside bentwaters?
impromptu group foto downtown ipswich
ken at camp bullis, tx
ken at the csc
ken on ship to sweden
remember this mp car - it never moved!
msgt. faile, mrs. englund & lt. englund
msgt ron faile in bus to boxing match
gaf ahlhorn sign
my roommate james chapel at raf woodbridge
lucania snooker clubs membership (front)
lucania snooker clubs membership (back)