Lori Rehfeldt's Photo Album
1978 May Lori brand new at dorm
1979 alert - daily routine
1979 alert
1979 b flt at CSC
1979 Back Office
1979 boots
1979 Brodecki & St Aamen
1979 Dave Balailes
1979 Lori maingate Bentwaters
1979 Lori Woodbridge main gate
1979 Louis Torres
1979 SSgt Mac McNeely
Lori behind old commisary
Lori D flt LE outside chow hall
where r these SPs going?
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Erin Shelley
drac miller harper whitehead
LE Gate
Lori with her Mom
Lori, Janet Davis, Jeff Winholtz & Dennis Karnatz at Janet and Jeff's wedding
Hoban, Brown, O'Brien & Ron Mele
Gary Schuman
Cathy and Rick Aguirre