Mike Christian's Photo Album
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Bob Ski Sliwowski & Mike. Illustration by Todd Ray
Bob Kozminski & Mike
Bob Sliwowski
Flintstone Mobile
Isom Jones & Vince King
Mike & Fernando Eubanks
Mike & Mike St. Amand
Mike & Ski think over a strategy before a mid shift
Mike at the 1980 Halloween party
Mike booming a 50 yard punt
Mike Christian & Willie B. Williams. Illustration by Todd Ray
Mike having a UFO experience_long_before_the_Rendlesham incident
Mike in blues
Mike posted on Charlie One with his M16 Instant Death
Mike Clarence Washington & Mark Thompson ready for the all night disco..
Mike Truck
MSGT Rod Rodriguez
Pat Cioppa playing poker off base
Pulling Perimeter Post duties
Ski & Todd Ray decide the best way to deal with working Mids
Ski wakes up Todd before they miss the bus
Ski Gary Harris & Willie B. Illustration by Todd Ray
Todd Ray & Mike Christian