M i s s i n g   S P s . .   W h e r e   A r e   T h e y   N o w ?
Rick & Cathy Aguire
Richard "Alex" Alexander
Mike Allison
Bill Barnes 
Calvin Beamon
Mark Benoit
Dennis Bolen
Clarence Brown
Disco Bob
Tom Bond
Sedric B Bradshaw
Louis & Helen Butler
Curtis Clark
Mike Clunis
Dave Coffe
Kenneth Colton
Randy & Anne Coyle
Mike Cummings
John Daly
James Deland
Sgt. Dixon
John Dorgan
Larry Duchaine
Jan Eachus
Willis Eades "Chief"
"Fast Eddie" Edwards
Neil Eklund
Jim Foth
Paul Gallagher
Gary Gautney
Red Gaughran
Patrick Hamby
Burt Hamner
Donna Harrington
Matthew & Sabrina Hill
Ron Holland
Ronnie Hymen
Tony Invergo
Chuck & Hollie J.
Rick Jenkins
Don Johnson
Mark Jones
Westly Jones
John (Jack) Keane
Larry King
Marvin King
Vince King
John Kloffer
Mike Labrucherie
Danny Layton
Larry Lehman
Mike Leonard
Lt. Lemuix
81st APS or SPS members from 62-65 and 73-76
guys with the 3911th Air Police at RAF West Drayton 55 to 59
"Cripple Creek" BW/WB Phantoms football team
Percy Lynn
Jerrie Malcomb
James McGhee
Jerry McIntyre
Ron Mele
Gary & Corina Miller
John Moneymaker
Eric Mott
Robert Muszynski
Les Nadon
David Narcisse
Terry Nash
Jim O'Farrell
Al Pauletti
Todd Ray
Dave Richard
Julius Ricks
Vincent Rios
Matt Rymer aka Fabian
Frank Satterfield
Gary Schuman
Tom Schwingle
Susan Sharpe
Ed Sheehan
Steve Shelt
Jerome J Skiba
Randy Smith
Alan Spoonhour
Pat Sposoto
Terry Stanberry
David Stickler
Ray Stroh
Rick Swayze
Bonnie Tamplin
Steven Tanner
Michael B. Teasley
Roger Thomas
Trisha ? - LE 1981
SSGT Underwood
John Volpe
"Bolo" Wagner
Wally Walden
SSgt Albertie Wall
Bob J. Waterson
Charlie Webb
Jim Wessels
Bob White
Haley Wilder
Mathew "Kimo" Williams
James Woolsey
Henry Medina
Luis Zaragoza
Greg Zeren
Mark Zeren
Ron Mele      Larry King
Terry Stanberry                    Jan Eachus
Tony Invergo                        Patrick Hamby
Todd Ray      Donna Harrington
Steve Shelt                          Rick Aguirre
Mike Leonard                       Burt Hamner
Mathew "Kimo" Williams       Kenneth Colton
Mike Labrucherie                  Jerrie Malcomb
Mark Benoit
Bobby Waterson
Gary Schuman
Les Nadon
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This came off the web - may want to check with the address below to be sure this is current info, if interested -

"AFPC WORLDWIDE LOCATOR, 550 C Street West, Suite 50, Randolph AFB TX 78150-4752.

This office maintains a listing of active and retired Air Force members. A letter can be forwarded to an active or retired member by placing a letter in a stamped envelope and enclosing that envelope inside another one addressed to the above address.

The name, present or former grade, and any other pertinent information about the individual(s) you want to reach should be included. There is a $3.50 research fee for each letter forwarded. A check or money order payable to "DAO-DE RAFB" must accompany the request for forwarding service. This fee may be
waived for military personnel (active duty, reserve, and retired) and their immediate families, but the requester must provide military identification to obtain the waiver. Locator personnel will forward the letter(s) or return it if they do not have the forwarding address."

also, compare names here and here