It's A Wonderful World by the late great Louis Armstrong

Although, the picture is of Tim Egercic & Todd Ray's departure from Bentwaters.. their voyage home to the U.S. The scene of them standing there.. the face(s) in the backdrop of the bus passengers staring out.. the bus itself.. well, we all went through this!

I, myself did the very same thing in September 1981.. after three very memorable years in England. It was a nostalgic moment & quite emotional I might add. And, the one thing I remember quite well.. was that as the bus doors shut & the bus began driving out.. away from RAF Bentwaters.. for the last time.. the radio was playing & it was this very tune - Louis Armstrong singing "It's A Wonderful World"..

Well, I guess you had to have been there. But, if you were a SP who went through this not so dis-similar experience. maybe, y o u   g e t   t h e   f e e l i n g ? If you have the opportunity, try listening to the whole song. It really is a moving song with a haunting melody..

Ken Kern
Bravo Flight Security, RAF Woodbridge & RAF Bentwaters, 1978 ~ 1981