Lori Rehfeldt asked that this be placed on this website...picture of P-38

We played war - 1979

Good news/bad news.  The 81st Security Police got to play war against the British.  This time it was on their turf.  Sounded like a good learning experience and a lot of fun to be had by all.  The good news from a supervisor's point of view was a good learning experience.  The bad news was that many of us lost our break.  The interesting news is we were given c-rations.  You know the food that came in cans.  Now the best part is that we learned how to use a P-38 can opener.  I was so proud of my handy dandy can opener that I carried it on a key chain.  I loved that darn can opener but gave it to a Vietnam Veteran because he had 'real war' memories using a P-38.  I felt as if he earned my P-38.

Over the years, I missed having a P-38 on my key chain.  Until recently, I came across a lot of 10 Vietnam era P-38's.  Also in the spirit of giving, I decided to ask for donations of $10 for each P-38 and donate the money to
families and friends effected by the September 11th event.  Now that we are in the season of giving, I am asking you for contributions.  If you are interested, please send me an email at [email protected] .

Very Respectfully,

ten  P-38s  =  New  York!#@?
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