"I am a UFO researcher seeking to interview former members of the 81st SPS regarding the UFO activity at the twin bases in the early 1980s. In particular, I am attempting to locate:

Keith Duffield
"Bolo" Wagner
"Chaz" Campbell
Michael Labrucherie
Rick Jenkins
Bob Ball
"Willie" Williams
Dennis Karnatz
Ron Isbell
Pierre Saul
Sgt. George
Coakley (First Name Unknown)
Steve Faelber
Bonnie Tamplin

. . and anyone else who was on duty at the Weapons Storage Area on swing or mid shift from Dec. 24, 1980 through January 1, 1981.

Direct all emails to [email protected]

All UFO sighting witness' comments will be kept confidential unless permission is granted to publish them. Hastings' book, UFOs and Nukes, is due to be published in July 2008. Go to his website, (should be operational around June 15th), for details."

Robert Hastings