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1989 3rd Air Force Peacekeeper Challenge Team, with 4 members from 81 SPS.  Standing left rear (in sunglasses) is Sgt Bob Fralick, kneeling L-R are A1C Scott Clark, Lt Steve Lazarus, and on the far right SrA Jorge Gallegos.
1989 81 SPS Peacekeeper Challenge Pistol Team, L-R:  Bob Fralick, Scott Clark, Jorge Gallegos, Steve Lazarus, MGen Anderson, 3AF Commander.
1990 Exercise on Salisbury Plain, L-R: (unknown), Capt Steve Lazarus, MSgt Bill Cate, (unknown), A1C Jason McGuffey.  Maybe a visitor to the website can fill in the unknown names.
1988 81 SPS Peacekeeper Challenge Team:  Standing L-R:  Sgt Fred Abshire, SSgt Vince Eubanks, A1C Jorge Gallegos, Sgt Bob Fralick, A1C Tucker (can't remember her first name), A1C Raber (can't remember his first name either), Lt Steve Lazarus.  Kneeling L-R:  A1C Brian Wozniak, SrA Mike Eddy, A1C Scott Clark.
Capt Brian Pletcher, former "A" Flight Shift Commander, with Hildegard Robinson, wife of "Mr. Bill" Robinson, civilian advisor to Lt Col Towns.
The Italian Air Force demonstration team "Frecce Tricoleri" fly at the Bentwaters airshow on August 21, 1988.  What's significant about this is that the following week, August 28, 1988, this same team crashed at Ramstein, killing 70 people in what became known as the Ramstein airshow disaster.
Picking up brass at the range.
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