Tim Egercic's ReUnion Photo Album
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2002 Pic of Bowling Alley area and Theater
2002 Pic of CSC
Alien Tree in Rendlesham Forest near Larry Warren's Ground Zero
Base Exchange 2002
Building inside Fox Napa
Buildings we searched for Underground Facility
Capel Green Site of Larry Warren's UFO landing site
Closed down Burger King across from base theater
Decontamination Building between runway and Alpha Napa
Don Laisure and Tim Egercic
Hot Row Structure now used as a garage
Jon Saunders and Tim Egercic at UFO roundtable discussion
Ken Greene and Tony Invergo behind old Charlie Napa
Ken, Jon, and Linn inside WSA
Ken, Tony and his family leaving the Jays Cafe
Lattice Lodge B&B, Woodbridge Road,  Ipswich
Linn, Don, Laura & baby Elizabeth and Tony in base of the Control Tower
Nick Pope, Tim Egercic and Georgina Bruni in London
Robert McLean and Tim Egercic at UFO roundtable
Sally, Andrew, Linn, Don, Ken and Tony at the west end of the Bentwaters runway
Site of the famous Fish & Chips landing. Papa Noel's in Ipswich
Tim at the bus stop near chow hall area
Tim standing near the site of the old Alarm Monitor's building
Tim standing outside of his former room in barracks 754
Tim M-16 and ammo bearer, Tony M-203, Don M-60 and Ken MFT Leader - guard the Hot Row
Tim, Don, Ken and Tony moments after arriving at Bentwaters
Tim, Ken and Tony at the SP barracks. Buildings 753 & 754
Tim's old room in barracks 754
Tony, Ken, Don and Tim outside of Central Security Control
View from barracks towards chow hall area
View from the Whiskey Two tower towards the ECP
View of the Hot Row from the Whiskey Two Tower
View towards the Main Entrance of the Domestic Side
Whiskey Two Tower in the Weapons Storage Area
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