Tony Invergo's ReUnion Photo Album
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Tony standing at the bus stop
Clearing Barrels and Weapons Drawing area at CSC
Tony and his family between the old SP barracks
Arriving at CSC for the first time in 21 years
Tim, Ken & Tony at the old SP barracks
Bunker Hill PP Post in the Alpha Napa
Don Laisure (right) presents memorabilia to Bill Kemball for museum
Tim, Tony, Don & Ken guard the Hot Row
Table of Items donated to the museum
WSA entry control point. Whiskey 3
Tony, Ken, Don & Tim at CSC
Tony stands beneath his old 2nd floor room at Dorm 753
Tim Egercic, Linn Barringer, Don Laisure studying aerial photo of the base
Tony, Tim, Bill Kemball, Don & Ken after memorabilia presentation
Former WSA location of the alarm monitor's building
Old Fire Team Room in the WSA
Heading towards the WSA
View from Theatre parking lot. Bowling alley & chow hall gone
Tim Egercic (right) donates SP beret to Bill Kemball for museum
Tim Egercic, Don Laisure, Ken Greene & Tony Invergo moments after 1st arriving
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