In December 1980 several sightings of a UFO were reported in Rendlesham forest.  Many think these mysterious events are the most significant UFO incident to have occurred in the U.K.

During the evening of 26th December, a resident of Sudbourne, a village approximately six miles to the north east at Rendlesham forest, reported a mysterious shape (like an upturned mushroom) in the sky above his garden.  Later that night two United States patrolmen at the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge spotted unusual lights in the forest, and were given permission to go in and investigate.  What they reported was very strange.

This was the time of the "Cold War" and because of the miltary situation at the time, the incident was officially reported to the Military Authorities by the Deputy Base Commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, USAF.

The forest is now very different.  Much of the area was replanted following the great storm of 1987.  There is, of course, no tangible evidence of a UFO on the ground - no debris was found apart from some broken tree top branches.  We can, however, piece together, from transcripts and recordings that were taken at the time, an intriguing picture.

Pick up a copy of the trail leaflet, follow the trail, read the story and work out what you think happened...