Woodbridge B Flight ReUnion
RAF Woodbridge 1977

Reunion Summary

San Antonio, Texas - June 4-6, 2004

Richard England, worked very hard to bring this event together.   What a great Reunion it truly was.   All those that attended were very happy to see all the smiles and share old war stories of Post 8, was a rare and eventful experience.   We talked about people that I had actually forgot about, until I heard their names again, like Capt Kitel, MSgt Cooley, MSgt Selby, TSgt Bogart, SSgt Denby (Boo), SSgt Oliver, Garron, Fritton, and many others…

Friday night was the beginning of new memories in the making as the old “B” flight members checked into the Hotel Valencia in San Antonio.  Our emotions were running high after 27 years. Despite the heat and high humidity; vigorous handshaking and hugs were plentiful.

The more you talked the more the faces began to take on familiar appearances.  You would never know that more than twenty seven years had passed between many of these friends.  Laughter was rampant!  We ate outdoors on the River Walk at a Italian restaurant for a late dinner (10 PM).

Some of our participants came from California (James Chapel), Wisconsin (Larry Vanderhoof), Massachusetts (Mark Chavin), North Carolina (Terry Stanberry), Georgia (Harold Eberhart), and of course Texas (Brian Howell) (Rick England) and ( Andy Davila).

Saturday started out with a breakfast on the River Walk.  Enthusiasm was evident in the group, as we started with a River Boat Cruise, and then continued on to the Market place with temperatures in the extreme high 90’s.   We ate at an outside Mexican restaurant for lunch in the Market place, and the only way it could have been hotter; was if the sun actually exploded.   A feeling of euphoria would take hold of us as we observed the looks of happiness and excitement on the faces of seven cops, and three wives, and children having a great time.  We had some drinks at the British Pub, and the Hard Rock Café’, and it was so heartwarming and rewarding.  For Dinner we all ate a ½ pound burger with all the trimmings, outside again on the River Walk, this time without a band.  We all were together until midnight sharing photos and stories of Woodbridge, and the colorful characters that we were station together with us there.  Many of us went on to several bases in the Air Force for many more years, but we all agreed that this group was the most cohesive group of all the units we had ever been assigned too.

Sunday Thank God we had a couple of hours to rest before the trip home.  New memories were made to mingle in our minds with the old.  We will always remember-B Flight Woodbridge in our hearts, souls, and minds.

Next Year 2005 Reunion – Las Vegas

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