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Charles J. Heubusch

by Ken Kern on 11/20/12

from Steve Heubusch, son of Charles J. Heubusch

I thought you'd like to know that my dad, Col. Chuck Heubusch, who was Squadron Commander of the 81st SPS from 1982-1985 (dates?), passed away on Aug. 26, 2006 after battling an Agent Orange related cancer for almost a year.  He's buried at the Arlington National Cemetery.  Information about his fight with cancer, funeral, and location of his grave in Arlington can be found at the following URL: 

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1. CMSgt (Ret) Jack Keen said on 11/20/12 - 08:19PM
Wow--what a shock! Just now finding out that he passed in Aug 2006!!!!! This man did so much for my career and he was a great commander. He really looked out for his troops and believe me I know. He honored me with his presence at my retirement party at Andrews in 1996. I will never forget him and all he did for me. God bless his family
2. Keith DeWitt, MSgt Ret said on 11/5/13 - 04:22PM
I worked under your fathers command while the Kennelmaster at BW/WB 84-87. Good man and good Commander.
3. Monica Mitchell said on 4/26/14 - 01:55PM
Any chance you know whether Col Charles Heubusch is the same one who was National Commander of Arnold Air Society during his college years?
4. Dean Metzgar, Major USAF, Retired said on 1/19/15 - 09:15PM
Yes, Col Heubusch was National Commander of the Arnold Air Society while at the University of Buffalo. I was a freshman at UB in 1962 and while in AFROTC he was one of the upperclass cadets... Then Capt Heubusch and I were "Hoochmates" at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Base in 1975 while I was in the 3rd Air Rescue Group. He was a good friend and a great gentleman.
5. MSgt Mark Boals said on 6/24/18 - 12:19PM
I worked for this man during some of my years at Bentwaters/Woodbridge and also in Germany at USAFE HQ. I Met him several times in TDY assignments. He was a increadible commander. I specifically remember he commissioned a SF “A” team to kick our buttscand train us. The training set us all ahead of our peers in the career field and I remember he told us it was his Safeside training that lead him to do this for us. Superior Commander and Man. Always admired him. I even have the 81st SP patch as my screen saver today.

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