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Kevin Banks

by Ken Kern on 11/05/13

1959 - 2013

Kevin was a friend.  We hit it off right away because of our shared & open interest in mysticism.  After we both discharged from the Air Force, we worked together for awhile in Dallas, Texas.  Although, we went our separate ways from there, we always kept in touch.  I was surprised to hear of his early passing, and saddened but hopeful that he is faring well now in the afterlife.  See you around Kevin & take care ,,

Kevin was with Bravo Flight Security at RAF Bentwaters from 1978 - 80 & then PCS'd to Whiteman AFB, MO.  He was interred with military honors at Leavenworth National Cemetery ,,

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1. Terry Stanberry said on 11/5/13 - 06:18PM
I served at Bentwaters with Kevin Banks, and we were friends. Sorry to hear of his early passing. Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.
2. Lori Rehfeldt said on 11/8/13 - 06:26PM
Kevin was someone I would see for the few minutes before guardmount. He was quiet and seemed like a nice guy. He was very thoughtful and generous participating on the Rendlesham Lone Ranger UFO Sight. I hope he is having a good laugh over the confusion of his real identity. Kevin Darkstorm, you know all the answers to what is out there. Feel free and continue to participate. Kevin was a good man and now a gentle angel.
3. Martin (DF) said on 11/21/13 - 05:36AM
In this crazy world of dark caverns and haunted places, you were one of those rare moments of brightness in my crazy, fucked up life. There will be no more cow-tipping, no more painted hand-grenades to look like Easter Eggs. There will be no more of you “just singing” to raise a smile and a laugh and no more furry bikers. I am inconsolable today after learning of you leaving us, but I try and take comfort in that you are now safe from harm and at peace in the land of Elves, Dragons, Peter Pan and Winnie The Pooh, where boys never age and stay innocent and happy forever. I shall look for a bright light and maybe a fiery heat on my neck, just to know you have made it to where you always wanted to be. Be at peace, my wonderful, magical, mystical friend, who taught me so much, and who I will never forget. I will miss your company for as long as I live. Love and many, many hugs Martin
4. Lomeli said on 1/18/14 - 01:31PM
Greetings all! No don't go Kevin!!!!! Wow, do I remember Kevin. Kevin was so cute......looked like a little elf, kind & sweet, no mean word to say to anyone. He was one I had vivid memories of, standing around before guardmount and in the barracks. I remember that he worked in the armory as well. Makes sense now---that he was into mysticism. Hi Lori and Ken..I share your sorrow and look forward to when we can all have guardmount somewhere beyond the black hole....deep in interstellar space.
5. James "Rick" Gray said on 12/31/16 - 10:09PM
I roomed with Kevin briefly in 1979. My belated condolences.
6. Larry Costa said on 10/14/22 - 05:55PM
I never knew Kevin until after his passing. We are good friends now, I am not surprised by this after reading how he believed in mysticism. Thanks!

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