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81st Security Police Squadron Reunion in San Antonio

by Ken Kern on 09/15/11

13-15 April, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency, 123 Losoya, San Antonio, TX (right on the Riverwalk). Room Rate is $119+tax. 1.888.591.1234. When making reservations, ask for '81st Security Police Squadron Reunion' rate. Events: (still under construction) 13 April 12: PM Cocktail reception (Cash bar), 14 April 12: Tours locally & Lackland AFB, Dinner. (Cash bar), 15 April 12: Possible departure brunch. I will be onsite in October to confirm event details at the hotel for dinner menu, Burt's mom, event room capacity and working up the final price for the event, all inclusive. (except cash bar). I'll be sending out or posting on FB a form for your bio to include in the program. Dig out those Bentwaters picts, I plan on having a running slideshow going that we can also put together a souvenir CD. Anyone who is musically motivated, start putting together music selection. Ping me and you'll head up that item. Our Burt is the designated contact for Lackland AFB PR Dept & our SP Museum. We'll be coordinating a shuttle with the intention of and AM & PM tour of the museum. To echo the sentiment that some of you have expressed, let's try to keep this an 81st SPS event. Please feel free to ping me via FaceBook if I can be of assistance for you.

Posted by Sean Glaspell, aka: Blowtorch

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1. William Taylor said on 3/10/12 - 08:04AM
I am looking for this man: Socorro Valdes. He was in the USAF at USAF Bentwaters, Woodbridge, Suffolk, probably from 1954, He was discharged from the Air Force in 1961. His A.F. number was 18443725. His daughter Angie would like to find her father. If anyone can point me in any direction I would really appreciate it. Thank you. I live in Gloucester, Ma. USA and my email is: [email protected]
2. JAMES R. PARKER said on 9/28/12 - 12:47AM
I was at RAF BW/WB from Nov 84-Oct 88. Worked varoius jobs to include a stint as a guard at the RAF Lakenheath Confinement Facility. Would like to know when the next event is. Contact information is below. Jim P James R. Parker, GG-13, DAC Special Security Officer, 5th Signal Command Wiesbaden/Mannheim/Stuttgart, Germany DSN: 314-337-8213 Comm: (49) 0611-705-8213 Cell: (49) 016098572851 NIPR: [email protected] SIPR: [email protected] JWICS: [email protected]
3. Ken Kern said on 9/30/12 - 10:55AM
hi James, welcome to the UnOfficial 81st SPS website. I do not see you on the Roster, so this means you haven't signed our guest book, yet. Please consider doing this ,, the link is on the main page of the website. There are reunions being organized all the time. I am not specifically aware of one at the moment, however. If you have access to Facebook, you can keep up with current events via the UnOfficial 81st SPS Group at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/166298600090447/

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