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John Wukits

by Ken Kern on 05/24/11

With deep regret I have to acknowledge the passing of yet another comrade in arms.  It came to our attention that John Wukits passed away on April 7, 2011.  John was a stationed at RAF Bentwaters from 1963 to 1967 a member of  ā€œCā€ Flight security.  John was always happy and had an infectious smile.  As I may quote from his obituary, "The world will be a lesser place without him, a better place because of him, and heaven just got a whole lot funnier. He will be missed dearly."

Phillip M. Jacques

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1. Reimer said on 5/25/11 - 04:20AM
Some of my fondest memories of C Flt were with John, Solar, and Wally Carter, now all gone to soon. John had that infectious grin that would keep a room lit up all the time...RIP , John
2. Susan Wukits said on 9/4/11 - 07:31PM
Thanks guys. John was surely the "Love of my Life." He was the most giving person I have ever known. I loved him dearly and miss him every single day.
3. Jeff Middaugh said on 1/19/12 - 02:44PM
Took us quite some time to locate John. When we did we all met in South Carolina and had some time with John. He was a character, I know he was my roomie. Glad we spen the time with him that we did. I think there was 8 from all parts of the country. We all worked the same job and had the same schedule. Will be missed. Thanks for the memories.
4. Patricia Patt said on 3/28/12 - 11:36AM
John snd I were very close friends back in Millvale. John was 21 and I was 18. We had great times together and I have never forgotten about him. After I left Pennsylvania and moved to Massachusetts our connection was lost. He will always live in my heart as the first man I loved.
5. al said on 8/11/12 - 08:28PM
Mr. Wukits was my fifth grade teacher and he passed half way through the year.He was the best teacher and man i knew and i dearly miss him

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