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81st SPS Challenge Coin

by Ken Kern on 08/18/10

Michael Tsung has provided us with images of the 81st SPS Challenge Coin.  He was with the squadron from 1990 to 92.  You can see the images at the "Patches" webpage:


Michael indicates that it might be possible to have more of these made.  For more information, contact him at:  [email protected]

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1. Droopy said on 8/25/10 - 02:06PM
I'm interested!! Please let me know if I can help.
2. Ken Kern said on 8/25/10 - 07:42PM
hey Droopy, glad you're interested! You can get more info on this by emailing Michael Tsung at [email protected] . Good luck!
3. Droopy said on 8/26/10 - 10:51AM
Email Michael! We'll see what we can get going.

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