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Anyone Know the Whereabouts of Mac Sizemore?

by Ken Kern on 08/23/10

Here's a request from 81st SPS colleague, Joe Hoffer.. he notes that the email address left by Mac Sizemore (at the UnOfficial 81st website) .. is no longer any good.  If anyone sees this & has a good email address for Mac Sizemore, "A" Flight Security at RAF Bentwaters, 1966 to '70.. please pass along to Joe Hoffer at:

[email protected]

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1. Joe Hoffer said on 8/27/10 - 06:38AM
Found Mac Sizemore,living in Kentucky ([email protected])
2. Ken Kern said on 8/27/10 - 08:19AM
Great, Joe! I'll update his email address on the website. Hope you let him know how hard it was to find him with an email address that didn't work anymore (smile)!

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