I'm Tony Invergo. I was at RAF Bentwaters, B flt from 03/1979 to 03/1981. I became a SPCDS operator, but occasionally pulled SRT, ART or MFT assignments.

I went to Plattsburgh AFB, New York after Bentwaters & finished my time in the AF with the rank of Sgt. Upon discharge I returned to my hometown of Chicago where I earned a Bachelors degree in Intl Ministries from Moody Bible Institute (MBI). It was at MBI where I met my future wife. I worked for a magazine in the subscriptions department & at a bank in security then as a teller & for a Japanese shipping co. We moved to Shannon, Illinois where I worked for a carpenter then a job driving a truck for an egg farmer for 6 yrs. I then got involved with the career for which we went to school. In 1997 we moved to the United Kingdom to work with the churches there in a Bible teaching capacity. We have been in the UK for 5 1/2 yrs.

I have a wife & three children, Sally, Andrew, and Elizabeth. Recently, the family & I had a wonderful experience returning to Bentwaters for a reunion. It was a great joy meeting up with Tim Egercic after having not seen each other for 21 yrs! Going back to Bentwaters was an unexpected emotional experience for me. I am so glad that I did it.
I'm Mike Umbarger "Umby". I was at Bentwaters from 89-92 D Flt Security: Flight Line, WSA, & Controller. The old photo is of me rappelling from the water tower behind the Hush House to the rear corner of the base. Dennis Salter & I taught ourselves to do it. We would sneak around on midnights & rappel off anything we could climb (aircraft shelters, towers, bldgs). Many times an exercise would kick off when we were on top of something, but we still managed to not get caught.

After BW, I moved to Daytona Beach, FL to finish school at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I almost finished, but ran out of $ (don't know if it had anything to do with living in Daytona Beach). I worked for Daytona Police several yrs then moved to Orlando, FL where I currently work for the Orange Cnty Sheriff's Office as a Deputy/Pilot. The recent photo is of myself, my wife Dawn, son Zachary (older), & son Cody (younger).
Hi, my name is Steve Keife,  I arrived at Bentwaters in April of 1967.  I worked security for a few months then was selected to attend the RAF dog handler's school.  I spent the remainder of my tour with my partner Rex.

Other than being home sick from time to time I enjoyed my time at Bentwaters.  It was a great experience that I will not forget.

After I left Bentwaters I spent 18 months at Cam Ranh Bay.

I separated from the Air Force returned to southern California and worked for the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. for 27 years.  I retired a couple of years ago and now live in Leavenworth Wa.
Hi! My name is Kristi Stluka, though most of you would know me as Kristi Kluck. I worked Security at Bentwaters from Dec 88-April 91. And what a damned good job I did! LOL. Honestly, those are some years that I would never give up. I made some great friends there, some I didn't value as much as I should have but, as they say.. "hindsight".. I hope to never lose touch with any of them again. I will always have my times with Kate (my roomie & great friend), Hollywood's (DJ), a bright pink VW bug (was that Porsche pink Tom?), Moose with the nastiest things possible in his mouth (dont ask, if you werent there..lol), and of course, stumbling back to the dorm from the club!

Well, after I left B/W, I was stationed at Seymour Johnson NC, where I had my daughter Austin and ended my AF "career". From then on I was mom to her and her sister Victoria who was born in Turkey, and Logan who was born in Missouri. I worked at a Vet Clinic, a Zoo and a Middle School, plus I have gone to college to work on my Wildlife Conservation degree. I am now living in Floresville, Tx, with my 3 kids, 6 dogs, 1 horse and my husband.
Hi.  This is Bob Snyder.  That's me on the right  with my grand daughter today and a picture of myself and my wife back then.

I worked both sides of the fence from 1975 to 1977.  I was also lucky to work Customs while with Sgt Lombardo.  I still have his reviews. :)  I think my time at Bentwaters and Woodbridge helped me understand the world a little better.  My wife was with me which made the whole tour more enjoyable, We went to Europe several times and made many friends from all over the world.

My only complaint was I NEVER GOT OUT OF SAC!  Malmstrom in Montana, Bentwaters, and then a glorious trip to Whiteman in Missouri.  I guess the Air Force gave me a little wunderlust.  Went home in 80 - left in 81 to Kansas, then to Georgia finally in Florida for last 20+ years.
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