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     from on Feb 15, 2002..

"We give out the Distinguished Award to sites that promote the military community in a significant way. Your SPS site definitely deserves an award!
.. Congratulations, and good luck!"

thank you!
the Queen visits, courtesy of Ken Greene
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. . to the UnOfficial gathering place for the men & women who served in the USAF 81st Security Police Squadron at RAFs (Royal Air Force) Bentwaters and Woodbridge, Suffolk, England.  There are sites on the web for former military members, their dependents & friends of the former U.S. Air Force RAFs Bentwaters & Woodbridge twin-base complex.  However, none exclusively for the Security & Law Enforcement personnel of the 81st Security or Air Police Squadron.  These web pages were created to fill that void & to act as a common ground for former friends and acquaintances.  Please take a moment to browse the pages, and welcome to YOUR site! 
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K-9 Demo Team: Back Row L to R - Sgt Wilson (NCOIC), Pasco, Sheers, Salinaz, Unk, Unk, Sgt Thornburg (Trng NCO). Bottom Row L to R - Reed & Elliott
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This site has come a long ways since I first created it back in 2001.  People still come here to look for former colleagues with the 81st.  Today we are interacting more on the UnOfficial 81st SPS Group on Facebook.  Join us by clicking the link above. & thanks for dropping in.
                                                                          Ken Kern
                                                  B Flight Security, 1978 - 1981
                                                 RAF Woodbridge & RAF Bentwaters